Farewell Party and Chillin’ on a Snowy Day

Even though I don’t leave for another two weeks, I had my farewell party last night since I’ll be in Copenhagen next weekend. It was a blast – we reserved part of Chi Cha Lounge, and we definitely made the most of the space! I was so happy to see all my friends; it will be hard to say good-bye. I also indulged in some mango mojitos and this very interesting passion fruit cocktail with serrano and jalapeno peppers… as a result, I am still in my pajamas at 1:36pm the next day. It’s the perfect day to not go anywhere though, as it’s SNOWING! As a result, my last day of volunteering at Chrysalis was cancelled, which is sad because I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to everyone in person. But I can still order my Sarah’s Patio Red online!


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