Amazing Ethiopian… But No Photographic Evidence! Mediocre Wine Day

Sadly, I’ve either forgotten to take my camera with me the past couple of days, or have actually brought it and just not used it!! But I’ll try to make up for that failure with some vivid descriptions. 🙂 Igor and I had our last (for now) lunch together at El Chalan today. Peruvian cuisine is not typically vegetarian friendly, but my salad was actually quite nice and satisfying. The accompanying Malbec was nothing to boast about, but hey, at least I got to have wine with lunch. 🙂 Later that afternoon, a coworker brought Helen and me a bottle of Beringer Chardonnay that had been opened for the Board of Trustees a couple of days earlier. Again, not the best Chardonnay ever, but who can argue with drinking surreptitiously in the office at 4:30? I capped the day with what will likely be my last Ethiopian meal for a long time – Thomas, Chie, Nick, and I stuffed ourselves (or at least yours truly did) at Dukem. It is impossible not to overeat when there is a platter of amazing veggies and beans in front of you!! Mmm… The Cab we had with dinner was sub-par, but this just continued the theme of the day. 🙂 I love talking to my friends about wine though; I think we are starting to form our own nerdy wine forums! Off to Copenhagen tomorrow – will I find fine dining there, or will I opt for the more non-profit-friendly fare? Stay tuned…


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