Final Week of Whirlwind DC Culinary Tour

Phew! So after returning from Copenhagen, it was time to eat! Tuesday I headed to the Big Greek Cafe in Silver Spring, which is owned by Pete’s best friend. Also joining us was Shabboo, Shivani, Lisa, and Daniel. We started with the Trio Dip sampler – which included the delicious fiesty feta – and the spanakopita, which was good but a big soggy/oily. I then somehow managed to finish an entire falafel sandwich, which I couldn’t leave behind because the pita bread was so amazing! On Wednesday, we headed to Masa 14 with Shane, Veena, Asher, Rob, Ryan, Shabboo, and Peter. I only had the seaweed and jicama salad to make up for my overindulgence the night before, but it was well worth it. I also tried the wok-fried okra – YUM! I HIGHLY recommend their mojitos, as well as the Lockwood 2006 Cab. I wrapped up the night at The Gibson – the “secret” speakeasy – with Lori. By that time, I was a bit too tipsy to give an objective assessment of the place, but from what I remember, it was cozy and tasteful. Sarah, our lovely waitress and IFPRI colleague, very kindly replaced my first drink (FAR too strong!) with a mojito-like cocktail. And last but not least, although the focus of Thursday night was more on culture – I saw the Warner Theater’s production of “The Nutcracker” for the fourth and final time! – Stephen and I had an incredible impromptu meal at Bistro d’Oc. Of course, being a French restaurant, they were light on veggie options, but the Chevre Chaud was perfect. I ate dessert off their specials menu – some sort of out-of-this-world caramelized date dish! I also had a couple of great Languedoc wines.


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