Wooster Arrival and First Day on the Job!

I made it home to Wooster just in the nick of time for Olley’s 2nd birthday party. I was so excited! Olley had an absolute blast. He got an awesome Scooby Doo “motorcycle” from the Krupp grandparents, as well as some other super-fun toys. And of course, I was quite pleased when he ran over to me today with his new Mr. Potato Head and Duplo set, which his lovely aunty gave him. 🙂 In addition, today was my first official day at SoMar Wine Cellars! Everything went very smoothly; not that I had any other expectations. I’m so excited to have a job where I can interact with friendly customers, not sit in front of a computer, and expand my knowledge of wine! Today we tasted some great wines too. The Smith and Hook 2008 Cab from California’s Central Coast was much more fruit-forward than I expected – I got almost a baked fruit aroma, with kind of a cherry cordial flavor and a tart finish. In contrast, the Treasure Hunter 2007 Cab (Napa) had a light oak aroma, with a cherry and plum flavor. I tried my first Bonarda – a 2008 from Colonia Las Liebres in Mendoza. I was surprised at how full-bodied it was after the fruity aroma. The Newton 2008 Chardonnay was also lovely; tart and fruity with only a very light oak.


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