A New Nephew – and More Wine Tastings at SoMar!

What an eventful week it has been! This morning, my gorgeous new nephew was born – Liam Archer, at 10:06, 7 lb, 15 oz. I may be biased, but he’s a beauty. So please pardon that the attached photo has nothing to do with wine. But after I unhappily left my sis in the hospital, I headed to work to sample some more delicious wines. On tap today were some excellent whites AND reds. The Loredona 2008 Riesling from Monterey was just right; it wasn’t too sweet and had just the right amount of subtle tartness. I also enjoyed the Giesen 2008 Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough – nothing out of the box, but a great NZ wine. I’m also partial to Viogniers thanks to my time at Chrysalis, and the d’Arenberg Adelaide 2008 “The Hermit Crab” is delightful – a peach/strawberry nose with a fuller-bodied fruit and nut flavor. The reds were equally good. The Emilio Moro Resalso 2007 – 100% Tinto Fino (local clone of Tempranillo) – had hints of oak, smoke, and fruit while remaining a pleasant, medium-bodied wine. I’m loving Pinot Noir more and more, and this Manzoni 2007 from Santa Lucia did the trick with its rich cherry aromas and light body with tart fruit. Finally, although some Shiraz an be too overwhelming for me, I enjoyed this Jim Barry The Lodge Hill 2007 – it had a light oak nose with a smooth flavor.


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