First Week in Woo

Wow – it’s been a busy week! From Olley’s birthday party to Liam’s arrival to immediately putting in hours at SoMar, there’s a lot going on! Of course, I’ve also found time to eat lots of Christmas goodies and enjoy being back in Wooster! I think soon it will hit me that I’m back for good, as my childhood friends are heading back to their respective locales, and it will just be me, the fam, and the job. But I’m heartened by the fact that I’ve discovered lots of cool people living in Wooster! Every day I meet amazing people at SoMar, and I’m sure that will only continue. I love my job so far, and there’s a lot that I’m looking forward to. I had a great time introducing Jennie, Tr, L-Rae, and Andrea to SoMar last night – I love having my friends come by! Today I had a great foodie experience at West Point Market. As a cheap-o, I was hoping for more samples, but I had a delicious Portabello panini, glass of Cab, and a bit of European nostalgia – a Lion bar! Speaking of food-related nostalgia,  Jennie and I took L-Rae to Friendly’s for her birthday yesterday. The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae is as yummy as ever after all these years! The photo here is from L-Rae’s birthday celebration at Lisa’s place. Stay tuned…


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