Happy 2010 from WooWineGirl!

Although I had to cancel my New Year’s Eve plans for Jennie and Tr’s party in Pittsburgh at the last minute due to weather worries, I still rang in the new year the way I know best – with good food and family. I had a delicious 4-course meal at the City Square Steakhouse – who says there’s anything wrong with dining solo? 🙂 I got some inquisitive looks, but I thoroughly enjoyed my 1) melted brie on toasts with pear chutney and candied walnuts; 2) mixed greens with onions, feta, cranberries, and walnuts; 3) risotto with mushrooms, leeks, spinach, squash, sundried tomatoes, and parmesan, and 4) warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I took the menu’s wine pairing suggestions and paired the brie course with a Schloss Zell Piesporter Spatlese. It was a little sweet for my taste and didn’t necessarily complement the brie, but it still tasted good. A Castle Rock Pinot Noir was paired with the risotto, which had nice fruit notes but also some earthiness to stand up to the mushrooms and squash. I then headed over to Lilly and Andy’s, where we hung out with the rugrats until we were all pooped. Bedtime? 11:00pm. Lame perhaps, but after all, it is just another day. 🙂 VERY importantly, I must also mention that SoMar Wine Cellars now has a Facebook page, so become a fan today!


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