Simple Pleasures

As banal as this may sound, it finally hit me today that moving back to Wooster has really highlighted what is important in life. The ease with which I get around, without having to stress about cars honking… the ability to waltz into my mom’s pastry shop (Tulipan) anytime I want for a hot chocolate and a chat with my favorite owner… the opportunity to see my sister and nephews as often as I want… interacting with customers at SoMar, the guy at the front desk at the Y, the employees at the family-owned stores – they all make me realize that relationships are what define our lives, not deadlines and stress. What really brought this home was the special election Tuesday in Massachusetts. That seems ridiculous, but in DC, I would be all agitated and moaning with my friends about the death of universal health care. Of course, this issue is still one I am very passionate about, but no matter what happens in MA or DC, life will go on. While I still want to be involved in politics, there is a limit to which it should impact by daily life. And to cap it off, these realizations are made particularly sublime by the fact that I can enjoy a glass of wine with lunch every day – in fact, I am almost obligated to! 🙂 Today I had an interesting Amarone (2006 Luigi Righetti Capitel de Roari) – my first – which, while a bit heavy, had notes of raisin and currants and interestingly, a slight hint of carbonation.


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