Amazing Wine Dinner at South Market Bistro

Last night I had the most amazing  dinner ever at the South Market Bistro – amazing both because I got to spend time with my parents (it was their first wine-pairing dinner), and the Bistro was also kind enough to accommodate me with a vegetarian menu! We had five courses for the California-wine-themed dinner, which was plenty of food, and I ended up taking most of the entree home. Of course, everyone else had a different menu than I did, so the pairings were more appropriate for them, but I had: 1) Hors d’Oeuvre: Warm goat cheese with chopped pecans on toast with greens, with Roederer Estate Brut Sparkling Wine (Mendocino); 2) Appetizer: Risotto with parmesan, baby spinach, wild mushrooms, and carrots, with Martin Ray Russian River Valley Chardonnay (Sonoma); 3) Soup: Sunchoke cream soup with parmesan shavings, with Morgan 12 Clone Pinot Noir (Santa Lucia Highlands); 4) Entree: Gnocchi in a parmesan cream sauce (parmesan theme here!) with wild mushrooms and baby spinach, with Justin Syrah (Paso Robles); 5) and finally, Cheese: Cypress Grove Humbold Fog with dried fruit and candied (with cayenne pepper!) pecans, with Honig Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa). The cheese was amazing; it was goat, and the “inside” was creamy, while the exterior near the rind was a more brie-like consistency. I particularly enjoyed the Roederer, Pinot, and Syrah. The Cab was a bit thin, and I am just not a fan of oaky Chardonnays. The only thing I would have done differently is serve a lighter wine at the end – I think a Gewurztraminer or another sparkling wine would have gone well with the cheese, and by that point, you’re so full that a Cab just seems too heavy. But everything was absolutely fantastic, and I very much hope that I can join them again! At SoMar we are also planning to have similar food and wine pairings when our private event room opens, hopefully in February.


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  1. We always wanted to do this kind of “dining adventure”, but usually were late reserving a table; but thanks for Christina we finally made it. While she was accommodated with vegetarian courses (we got some sampling from her plates, and were all delicious), we ate the original five course meal and truly enjoyed them. This was my kind of eating, small portions, but everything is exquisitely made and presented: top quality smoked salmon in puff pastry, crab cake (which I usually order when I see it on the menu) with lobster (just a bite-size), oxtail soup, brined pork tenderloin, and the cheese plate with dried fruit, which we all shared. I was especially amazed of the soup. Now I have to find some ox tail somewhere to clone the soup if I can. The pork was tasty, but I still prefer to kill the pig the second time and have it well done. The cheese was: WOW! Beloved goat cheese in a creamier version, actually sliceable with a few beautiful, blue cheese-like veins. Something we just have to have more of. We enjoyed the stories about the California wineries too which was told by the Italian host and owner/chef. I was somewhat careful drinking the wine; just half portions suited me pretty well. Christina’s excitement added a lot to the evening. Yes, we definitely have to do this again.

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