The Week is Off to a Good Start

When it’s only Tuesday, and I’ve already tried some amazing wines this week, it must be a good sign, right? Yesterday (Monday) was our official ribbon-cutting ceremony at SoMar, complete with a oversized pair of scissors. All we need now is a key to the city, and life will be complete! The party following the ceremony was lots of fun, and it felt great to show off the place. Afterward, I headed to City Square to share a bottle of wine – let me tell you, true friends are those who will split a bottle with you and not force you to drink from the same tired list of wines by the glass! 🙂 We had an AMAZING 2oo6 Ancien Pinot Noir from Carneros – it was well-balanced, smooth, with a perfect combination of earthiness and fruit. I only regret that I didn’t bring the bottle home with me as part of my new wine bottle decor! Moving on to today, I headed to the South Market Bistro to try their wine and cheese flight – what could possibly be more divine? I enjoyed my Cristalino Brut Cava paired with brie, the Kenwood (Sonoma) Sauvignon Blanc with Drunken Goat cheese, and the Chateau Lamothe de Haux Bordeaux with gruyere. Mmmm… I also had the garlic soup, which was delicious, but tends to ruin your wine palate. Ooops… I finished it off with a liquid dessert of Barton and Guestier Bistro Pinot Noir. I can’t believe I managed to cram in so many amazing wines into two days – especially a Monday and a Tuesday! I should also mention that additional highlights include playing with my nephew Olley in the snow on Sunday and winning $15 at a Super Bowl party thanks to my winning bet on the Saints. Woohoo!!


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