Valentine’s Day a la Woo Wine Girl

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be spent with a significant other while you are surrounded by red roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate? I would definitely say that my V-Day broke the mold. It started off with a delicious brunch with Annegret and Andrea at Mustard Seed Market in Montrose, including gems such as red velvet pancakes and creme brulee French toast. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the morning than with my amazing Woo-town pals! Although I was stuffed, I made sure to take home some vegetarian sushi with me for dinner. (FYI, I will be the first to admit that veggie sushi doesn’t hold a candle to true sushi, but as someone who pretty much drowns her rolls in soy sauce and wasabi, I don’t necessarily need gourmet rolls to satisfy me.) On the way home, I made a stop at Blockbuster to rent Schindler’s List, because for some reason, that’s what I was really in the mood to watch on the most romantic day of the year. Weird. I was also able to spend some time with my parents and nephews, since my sis and Andy were out of town on their romantic excursion. Eventually, I settled in to watch my movie, enjoy my sushi, and accompany it all with a delicious Albarino from Bodega Laxas. Admittedly, it did not pair well with the wasabi, but it was delicious, with its pronounced floral notes, crispness, and citrus flavors. It was interesting to compare it with the only other Albarino I had ever had, from Chrysalis in Virginia. I loved that one as well, but it had a decidedly nuttier – almond – flavor. I’ve actually been on quite the Spanish kick recently; there are so many great wines for a good value! I’ve also been drinking the 2007 Sierra Cantabria Rioja, which has both floral notes and hints of blackberry and cherry. I drank it with my tomato, chickpea, and feta soup today, and it was perfect! I also recently heard on The Splendid Table that Jumilla wines are a great value, so stay tuned…


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