Passion for Pinot

Yesterday was a great day (perhaps too great!) for Pinot Noir, at least in my little corner of the world. My sister and I met up for drinks at CW Burgerstein’s after work. This was primarily focused around her, since it was $2 off all cocktails. The wine list was rather lackluster, but I selected the MacMurray Pinot, since it’s something SoMar sells by the bottle. I was actually pleasantly surprised – although it certainly isn’t a top-tier Pinot, it was smooth and went down easily. I’ve found a lot of inexpensive Pinots to be extremely dark and inky, without possessing the cherry and acidity of what I consider to be a good Pinot. Later that evening, I split a bottle of 2006 Siduri Pinot (Santa Lucia Highlands) with a fellow wine lover, which was given to me by my lovely neighbors, who know the winemaker personally. Although it had the cherry and earthy flavors that I like, I thought it could have been a bit better balanced – it was a bit sour for my taste. But overall, quite a good wine!


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