Wooster IS a cool place to visit!

So when I was leaving DC, all of my very well-intentioned friends told me that they planned to come visit me at some point in Wooster. Of course, I would love to host them all, but let’s face it – Wooster is kind of off the beaten path, and there aren’t exactly a whole lot of reasons that people would end up in Northeast Ohio. As a result, I was THRILLED when it turned out that my freshman year roomie was interviewing for a pharmacy residency at Ohio State and wanted to swing by Wooster for the evening! Admittedly, I felt some pressure for her to have a good time. Her visit was brief, but I gave her the tour of SoMar, and then we had a fantastic dinner at the Steakhouse. Believe it or not,  their Garden Pasta is AMAZING – rather than have a heavy cream sauce, it comes with a light, nicely acidic white whine sauce, which was complimented well by my Montoya Cabernet. I couldn’t resist and had to order dessert – they had red velvet cake, after all!! This cake even had a dark chocolate ganache on top, which was unbelievable. I also got to try my friend’s cheesecake  – YUM! The next morning we relaxed at Tulipan for a couple of hours, but then it was time for her to head out. Of course, I hope she ends up in Columbus!


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  1. Haha, I love this! I’m famous! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Wooster and look forward to more visits in the future. 🙂

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