Great Foodie Spot in Cleveland

The more I explore the Cleveland area, the more I realize how many great places to eat there are. This week is Restaurant Week, which means you get a three-course meal for $30 at participating restaurants, all of which have excellent reputations. Andrea kindly organized the outing and selected Greenhouse Tavern, whose chef happens to be nominated for a James Beard award. It’s on the same street as my beloved Lola, along with other restaurants and bars that look incredibly tempting. I’m not sure how I’d describe the food, but overall it’s comfort-food-driven, with a few exotic items popping up along the way. They seem to try to use seasonal ingredients and had some very inviting vegetarian options. Before everyone else arrived, I enjoyed a 2007 Joseph Drouhin Burgundy, which was a nicely balanced Pinot. With the meal, we had a bottle of a Louis Latour Burgundy) (I forgot to write down the details!), which seemed to mesh pretty well with what everyone ordered I opted for the fromage blanc appetizer, a creamy cheese served with delicious grilled bread. Although it was tasty, I wished they had the option of ordering the French breakfast radishes, but that was only available off the regular menu. However,  one of Andrea’s friends ordered it, so at least I got to taste it. The entree was pretty phenomonal – the vegetarian entree with farro, artichokes, and celery, in a lightly creamy sauce. It was quite risotto-esque, but the faro (which I’d never had before) gave it a distinctive flavor and texture. My dessert was the only slight disappointment – it was supposed to be a seasonal fruit tart, and I don’t really consider lemon to be seasonal. I should have known better, as I don’t get that psyched about lemon desserts. It certainly wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t anything special. But I am very much looking forward to returning and trying a bunch of other menu items!! What a fantastic night overall!


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