First Night at Gervasi!

Yesterday launched what will be my new schedule, at least a few days out of the week: I worked at SoMar in the morning and early afternoon, and then headed to Gervasi Vineyard for a later shift. This will not be typical, as I am staying loyal to SoMar on Friday and Saturday nights, but I figured I might as well take this opportunity to work a large, private party (200 people!) at Gervasi before they officially open so I can get some practice. It was an insane evening, but overall, was lots of fun! I ended up being there until about 1am, but this is also atypical, fortunately. I do hope that once Gervasi opens and we welcome a winery crowd, rather than just large parties, then I can take the opportunity to discuss the history of the property and the winemaking process, which is my true passion. Although it is OK being a bartender, I signed on to this because I want to work at a winery, not a bar. Gervasi has been extremely well-received, and you should check out their website and Facebook fan page for pictures of their gorgeous property. I also promise I will take my own photos soon! The food is amazing, and I strongly suggest making reservations soon so that you can be one of the first people to experience it. And actually, their wines aren’t bad, since for the first few years, they are sourcing most of their grapes from California and Oregon. After that, it will be a mix of those grapes and their own, which will feature the hardier, cool-climate grapes, such as Frontenac Gris (yes, you have likely never heard of it!). For now, we can enjoy the Sangiovese, Pinot, and Cabernet. 🙂 Most importantly, the owners are passionate and amazing people, and I know that Gervasi will be a huge success!


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  1. I checked the whole Gervasi web site. It is pretty amazing. The staff seems dedicated and fun. An elegant “little Italy” in Canton, Ohio!
    (Your Mom hopes that you don’t have to drive to often home in the middle of the night after a long day of work)

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