One Amazing Wine, Pleasant Food & Wine Pairing, and More Gervasi

I tried to savor another lazy Sunday until I had to be at work at Gervasi at 5:00, but I feel so guilty every time I do it. I did many things which in my mind are worthwhile – catching up on Wine Library TV, reading the news, etc. – but at the same time, I haven’t seen my nephews in a week, so I don’t like that trade-off. 😦 In the world of wine, I had the last glass from a bottle of 2008 Conundrum White Blend, which is a combination of 5 “mystery” grapes. I loved this wine the more I drank it! It reminded me a bit of a Macon-Villages (it seems to be predominantly Chardonnay), which is great, since I prefer Burgundian Chards to US ones, in general. However, it was less minerally and more fruit-forward. Overall, an ideal food wine, or lovely on its own! As a late lunch, I had some Basmati rice with butternut squash, apples, and dried cherries, to which I added some toasted pine nuts. I didn’t want to have too heavy of a wine, so I opted for 2008 Our Daily Red, which is a great, fruit-forward (blueberries, blackberries) table wine, which is also organic and sulfite-free. I think I made the right choice! I then headed to Gervasi for family night, where half the service staff served the other half, who brought one friend or family member with them. (I worked at SoMar last night and thus missed my chance to eat for free, but I’ll go with the fam at some point!) I now feel much more comfortable behind the bar, but it was a pretty easy night. We’ll see what happens when we are accosted by the eager crowds who have booked us for the first few weeks!


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