A Whirlwind of Wine, Delicious Eats, and Delightful Company

Although I had a housewarming party a few months ago, I don’t think my apartment was officially broken in until last night, when I hosted my first mini-dinner party. I invited over three friends for an evening of great wine (a burden I’m delighted to carry!) and a rather “progressive” menu. One of my friends and I are the high-maintenance vegetarians, and another friend is gluten-intolerant. Finding a filling menu that satisfied all of us was actually not that difficult – definitely a 21st century supper! 🙂 We started off with CHEESE – mounds and mounds of delicious cheese! My guests brought delicious selections from West Point Market and elsewhere, and the diversity was amazing. I sincerely regret not having photographed it (my most common lament), as it was a sight to behold. The choices included one with a coffee/lavender rind, a sweet/piquant cheese, and goat cheese-stuffed peppadew peppers. YUM. My one contribution from Local Roots, a locally-made gruyere-type cheese, was also quite good. At this time, we began with my favorite – surprise surprise – the Gustave Lorentz Gewurztraminer. Everyone enjoyed it, so I was very pleased to have introduced them to it! We then continued on to the appetizer, which was Asparagus Ragout with Cherry Tomatoes and Beurre Blanc. Wow, was it ever rich, but fantastic! We proceeded to open another old fave, a Hiedler Gruner Veltliner – I chose all the wines for their food-friendliness. The entree was my proudest moment, as not only did it meet the veggie and gluten-free requirements, but I (very modestly) think it tasted great! It was a Red Quinoa Primavera, and the yummy quinoa was topped with a combination of tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, cannellini beans, and capers. It was so flavorful! At this point, I made a wine blunder – what I hoped would be a nice, smooth 2006 Davis Bynum Russian River Valley Pinot turned out to be a high-alcohol mess. But, you win some, you lose some! There was still plenty of wine to open, so I stuck with the same varietal but a different region – a 2007 Domaine Bernollin Burgundy that I tasted and then bought at Ansonia Wines in DC. (Great little shop on 18th St. specializing in Burgundies!) It was MUCH better – my tasting notes are basically nonexistent here, as I was getting quite tipsy by this point, but for the price (I believe it was around $25), it was complex, with both good earthiness and cherry notes. Finally, for dessert we enjoyed some locally-made ice cream – it wasn’t the best ever, but topped with a rhubarb sauce, it didn’t even matter! As we charged through our wines, we decided to pop open a Port from Breitenbach Winery in Sugarcreek. Not that we needed more wine, but it was the perfect end to a lovely meal. I’m looking forward to many more of these events in the future!
*I also  have to add that earlier in the day,  I got to spend time with my best friend ever. We tried the Wooster Inn‘s brunch – I have to admit that I wouldn’t return, as even though the food attempted to be a step up, I realized it’s the same as all buffets, in my opinion – the food is lukewarm and bland, sadly. But the company was incomparable! And I had a funny experience with the waiter. He was a young newbie, and he was so excited to bring me my glass of wine – his first time. Sadly, I had to break it to him that he brought the wrong one. When he tried to insist that it was correct, I said it was supposed to be white. 🙂 He had brought me a Cabernet Sauvignon instead of a Sauvignon Blanc – ha!


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  1. It should be noted that we all had quinoa in our teeth for that photo so we couldn’t smile! It was a wonderful time and the food was out of this world! And…you didn’t make a wine blunder – you knew that pinot would go perfectly with the quinoa! Thanks again for an awesome time!

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