Drenched in Wine (and Tabbouleh)

Realizing that it was my second-to-last Wednesday off, I knew that I had to make a trip to West Side Market, as who knew when else I would get the opportunity to do so. I had never been but had heard great things about the ethnic food selection, CHEESES, and the surrounding area. Although I wasn’t really planning to shop, I immediately took a liking to the market, as it’s much grittier than, say, Eastern Market. The vendors greet you as you walk by and hawk specific sale items. I just smiled serenely back and kept going. My ultimate destination was Maha’s Falafil Stand, which has won many local accolades. Granted, it’s Cleveland, so I’m not sure how many falafel stands it can be compared to, but I was still excited. And I wasn’t disappointed – the falafel was amazing, dripping with tabbouleh and smeared with hummus. In fact, it wasn’t until I had walked around the market, gorging on the falafel, for about 10 minutes, that I realized it had literally dripped all over my clothes – ha! But that didn’t stop me from wanting to go to the Market Ave. Wine Bar, even if I looked like a vagabond. To make my situation even more desperate, the wine bar wasn’t opening for another half hour, so my wino self wandered Ohio City, window shopping. It’s a strange neighborhood, as though it has a few eclectic shops and ethnic restaurants (Cambodian!), it is clearly in the early stages of gentrification. I bought something at Something Different, an adorable gallery selling unique jewelry, glassware, artwork, etc. I will definitely return to buy some gifts! The owner rang me up, and she was so sweet and vivacious. It was finally time to get some wine (can we say 4pm?), so I headed over for my glass of Orin Swift’s Saldo Zinfandel. It was perfect given that it was a slightly cool and windy day – it was full-bodied, with licorice, plum, black cherry, oak, and cola notes. I then headed up to wine class, which ran over, so I had to rush back home to pick up my sister so that we could check out some live music at the Olde Jaol. I must have been the only person there who didn’t know the musician – Josh Krajcik. I’ll chalk it up to old age. 🙂 The music was great, and I loved hanging out with my sis, as we just don’t usually get the chance to be together, just the two of us! I’d say my day off was quite a success.


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