Fathers Day, Gervasi-Style

Being near my family is obviously the biggest benefit of living in Wooster, so as much as I was looking forward to going to DC, I felt very guilty that it just happened to be over Fathers Day weekend. However, I think I was able to remedy my faux pas somewhat, as the entire fam, including Andy and the nephews, was able to go to Gervasi the Thursday before Fathers Day for dinner. My parents had never eaten there before, and as a matter of fact, I had never been properly served there either! 🙂 We were able to arrive about 30 minutes before our reservation so that we could stroll around the grounds, enjoy a drink on the patio, and even play a bit of Cornhole with Olley. (I can’t ever say/write that word without giggling!) Outside, my mom and I each enjoyed a glass of Romanza (Italian for romance; Gervasi’s Rose) – I had never had it before, and it was quite pleasant – less sweet than I thought it would be. Lilly and Andy split a pitcher of Sangria, which worked out perfectly, since Lilly doesn’t drink (unsweetened and fruit-i-fied) wine. And even though we were at a winery, Dad had to get a refreshing Peroni. Once inside, the feasting began. I personally wanted to stick with an appetizer so that I could also sample dessert, so I had the Garden Verdure dish, which allows you to choose 3 of 9 different veggie options. I had goat cheese-stuffed Peppadew peppers, artichokes, and Portabellas. I think between us all, we managed to sample most of the items on the menu! I also ordered the Velluto for the table (Velvet in Italian, Gervasi’s Pinot Noir), as I thought it would be the most crowd-pleasing. I was so excited to try the gelato trio for dessert, and I was surprised that I enjoyed the chocolate the most, even though I was most looking forward to the pistachio. I even convinced Lilly to order the Nutella pizza so I could sample it. 🙂 Overseeing our dinner was our fine waiter, Bob D., who did an amazing job of being attentive with Olley and Liam and also satisfying the adults. He was fantastic! Overall, it was so lovely to have a night out with the entire family – I wish it could happen more often. And of course, I’m glad we could celebrate the two best dads in the world!


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