DC in 48 Hours: Romance, Nostalgia, and Friendship!

DC… how do I sum up this trip?! It was a crazy whirlwind of old friends, new friends, celebrating two wonderful people in love, remembering all the fantastic things about the city, but also reconfirming that I made the right decision to leave. And somehow I managed to pack this all into a little more than 48 hours! The primary reason I went was for Claudia and Bill’s wedding. I had hoped to get back earlier, but with two jobs, it was just impossible. The wedding was ideal, as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with a lot of old friends, and I was fortunately also able to see a lot of people who did not attend the wedding. Friday turned out to be rather wine-focused – I got to check out Cork Market and Tasting Room, an offshoot of Cork Wine Bar, which opened after I left. They have a relatively small but diverse wine selection, a great cheese section, and some amazing-looking pastries. My friend and I took a bottle of wine and some cheese for a picnic in Malcolm X Park, and we were not disappointed. We decided on a Basque wine, since neither of us had ever had one before, and it was perfect for the typically broiling DC summer day. I had to take a picture of the bottle – it was a 2009 Ameztoi Txakoli, comprised of the grapes Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza. Whew! It was reminiscent of a Vinho Verde, but with more depth, and it was a good value at $20. The accompanying cheeses were Garrotxa, a blue cheese – Roaring Forties – from Australia, and a spreadable cheese – La Tur – from Piedmont. All I can say is YUM! The wine fest than continued with a happy hour at my favorite wine bar, Vinoteca. It was great to catch up with some old friends, and it was the perfect amount of people, as I got to talk to everyone. I then headed up to Ellicott City with the girls for a little reunion – we enjoyed some sushi and a delightful sleepover. I realized how much I miss my core group of girlfriends! On Saturday, I had a delicious brunch with some more friends and got to see their adorable (almost) 1-year-old, and some other friends coincidentally stopped by. It was then time to prepare for the wedding. The ceremony was held at Fort Myers in Rosslyn, and it was perfect – Claudia looked ravishing, and I have never seen two people so enchanted with one another. Because we had a few hours before the reception, we grabbed some drinks at Bar Dupont, which was a great opportunity to relax and catch up. The reception was held at the Officers Club at Fort McNair in DC, and the sprawling grounds overlooking the Potomac made for the ideal setting. Sunday brought a somewhat complicated schedule, but I think I was able to see everyone without rushing too much. I had lunch at Le Pain Quotidien, one of my favorite little cafes, and indulged in my cherished REAL frozen yogurt at Yogiberry. When I left, I was much more nostalgic than I thought I would be – I am so lucky to have an amazing circle of friends in DC, and I consider myself very fortunate to still be in touch with all of them. However, I know I made the right decision in leaving. Hopefully, my friends and I will always be close, and we can reunite frequently. I’m thinking of returning in November – perhaps it will finally be time to hit up Minibar?! 🙂


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