Delightful Summer Wines

I should be more diligent and post my wine “reviews” individually, but due to a lack of that quality, I will lump them all into one. 🙂 As I’ve mentioned, my palate craves crisp white wines when the weather gets hot, particularly if I’m outside. As a result, I pounced on a 2-pack offer from Cinderella Wine a couple of weeks ago, which offered a 2008 Fire Block Dry Riesling from the Clare Valley, Australia,  and a 2007 Bernhard Ott Fass 4 Gruner Veltliner. I was particularly curious about the former, as I have been leery of Australian Rieslings, fearing an excess of petrol flavors. But since I had learned that the Clare and Eden Valleys are producing excellent dry Rieslings, I thought I’d give it a whirl, especially since the price was right (2 for $25). The Fireblock did not disappoint – perfect acidity with citrus and green apple flavors and aromas make this a perfect sipping and food-friendly wine. I also appreciated that the bottle told the story of the winery’s name, as it helps me remember it! I also thoroughly enjoyed the Fass 4. Pear and melon mingled with floral aromas, and the ideal amount of acidity made me wish I was enjoying this on a patio. I haven’t gone wrong with a GruVee yet!

I am also now convinced that no one should drink Pinot Grigio anymore – it’s all about Pinot Gris folks! The way in which this grape is vinified in Alsace, and increasingly in Oregon, little resembles its lemonade-esque Italian counterpart. (Let’s hope I don’t get sued by the Italian wine industry!) In particular, the 2008 Ponzi Pinot Gris from the Chehalem Mountains in Oregon’s Willamette Valley provides more structure than your typical Pinot Grigio. Minerality shined through on the nose and on the palette, along with citrus, especially grapefruit.

Finally, I continue my love affair with Spanish wines with the unique Godello grape, indigenous to Galicia. The 2007 Vina Godeval from Valdeorras at first made me wary, as I detected some oakiness on the nose, but as I believe it should, it added structure and body rather than overwhelmed the wine. Otherwise, lemon, orange, and a bit of nuttiness came through. When can I finally go to Spain??


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