No to Jack Johnson and Pretentious Bars, Yes to Wine in Any Form

Wednesday, July 21 – I was sooo pumped for my first day off in a month, which I had requested in order to go to a Jack Johnson concert at Blossom. I’m agnostic on Jack Johnson, but I figured it was a great chance to hang out outdoors with friends – who would pass that up?? I also didn’t have to drive, which was key. We started by heading to 750ml in Fairlawn, as it was on the way to Blossom. Since celebrating was in order, Heidi and I split a bottle of Chandon Rose (although my first choice was the Mumm Rose, which they did not have chilled). The sparkler was lovely, and it being pink somehow made the celebration even better. As we enjoyed the Chandon, we realized that lawn seats may not be such a great idea after all. It had downpoured the entire way up to Fairlawn, meaning we were already in for a muddy mess. And alas, it was continuing to rain… and rain and rain… We thus decided that as much as we loved (or tolerated) Jack Johnson, we could gladly pass him up so that we could stay dry. Of course, the next question was – where to next?? To her credit, Heidi had a feeling that Luigi’s in Akron was where it’s at. The MEN in the car didn’t want to comply, so we ended up at Crave downtown instead. Now, I’m sure the food is perfectly good and that we could have enjoyed ourselves. But from the minute we walked in the door (drenched, to boot), the atmosphere just seemed cold and unwelcoming. Even though there were plenty of open tables, they sat us at the long, uninviting bar because we didn’t have reservations. It didn’t take us long to realize that Heidi had been right along, and that we were meant to be at Luigi’s. Now, Luigi’s is no gourmet kingdom. We had decent and greasy pizza with (2 bottles of) crap Chianti. But that night, among good company, I wouldn’t have traded it for all the fancy wine bars in the world!


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