Vegetarian Meets Animal – Bows in Deference

Lola. That restaurant name immediately conjures up celebrity chef Michael Symon (who is still an awesome, down-to-earth Clevelander), as well as copious amounts of meat. And we’re not just talking about steak or lamb chops. Lola is a celebration of all parts once belonging to the animal – you name it, they will serve it! Despite my vegetarian diet, I had wanted to try bone marrow for a long time, and I knew Lola had it on the menu. So when Andrew came to town and we chose Lola as our dining destination, I knew that my time had come. And wow – was bone marrow unforgettable in more ways than one! Lola deep fries theirs in little finger shapes, and the marrow is accompanied by crostini and 6 “condiments”. Apparently deep-fried bone marrow pairs well with parsley, lemon, fruit chutney, pickled shallots, sea salt, and salsa verde. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the bone marrow, despite the fact that it kind of sat like a lump in my belly – or more accurately, immediately began to clog my arteries. Andrew also took his role of offal-eater seriously, consuming pork belly, pig’s ear, and calf’s heart throughout the meal.  I actually tried them all, and they were amazing! (Again – I make exceptions to vegetarianism only for weird food…) The healthiest part of our meal was undoubtedly the red Burgundy we selected – the 2006 Jacques Girardan Premier Cru Clos Rousseau from Santenay. I am a big fan of red Burgundy (not that I can afford to drink it often!), and this one didn’t disappoint, but it did lack some complexity that I was hoping for. Most importantly, even aside from weird animal parts and good wine, the experience reminded me of what a great meal should be – leisurely, with unsurpassed company and service. And those criteria were all met!


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  1. can you tell me a litte about yourself? are you from/in Wooster Ohio? do you write about wines?

    • Hi Kathy! Thank you for your message. Yes, I live in Wooster. My wine writing on this blog is mostly just for personal use, but if other people read it and enjoy it, then I am happy about that too! I work at SoMar Wine Cellars downtown – I think I met you or one of your colleagues last week there?

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