Celebratory Saturday

Although I was excited for this past Saturday to arrive, it admittedly didn’t hit me until the last minute just how fun it was going to be. I was helping to throw a baby shower for my very best friend, and several of my chicas from high school were going to be in town to join the party. It had been quite some time since this particular group had been together, but it was just like old times. I am always so happy to witness how confident, beautiful, and successful my friends have become. Not that they weren’t all those things before, but they truly have gotten better with age. This is perhaps most true of the mom-to-be, who genuinely has a life that we should all aspire to have – loving family and friends, a career she adores, and a gorgeous new house. What more could anyone ask for? As cheesy as it sounds, perhaps the best part of the baby shower was seeing that love of life radiate out from her. (Just to add a culinary aspect to this part of the post, I made this delicious Pull-Apart Cheesy Onion Bread for the shower, which I thought turned out pretty darn well!)
And speaking of people who are very important to me, we were also celebrating my sister’s birthday! She made the fantastic choice of the South Market Bistro as her dinner venue, and she planned to go bar hopping from there. I was psyched, as the Bistro had literally just that day introduced several new menu options. I went for the Penne with Pesto, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes, and Feta. While delicious, I was slightly disappointed that I had two little tomatoes in my entire dish. (I was also mildly annoyed that the waitress had no idea which cheeses were on our cheese plate.) Of course, I am one of the Bistro’s biggest fans, and these minor complaints certainly did not prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the food and company. I savored my dinner with a bottle of 2008 Erath Pinot Noir from Oregon. Yes, I did say bottle. I know the Bistro/Steakhouse wine list so well (yikes!), that I wanted to try something new, even if only one other person helped me out. I got to take the rest of it home and enjoy it later, and thankfully, the Pinot did open up a bit a day later, although it is overall a rather simple, if pleasant, cherry-dominated wine. For dessert, I indulged in a cherry chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich, filled with vanilla. That was a great cap to the meal!
Sadly, I couldn’t hang as long as I wanted to, as by the time we had a drink at City Square Steakhouse, I was both fairly tipsy and broke. I am happy to report that my sister went on to party like a rock star the rest of the evening, so her rare night out was well worth it!


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