Secret Society Sips at Secrest

Oh crap – I guess I just let the secret out. But really, what better place (in Wooster, anyway) could you imagine for a picnic with some delightful vino? Secrest Arboretum is a wonderful getaway right here in town, with both well-tended garden paths and random trails though redwood trees that kinda-sorta resemble what you would see in Northern California. And how else to enjoy some fine ($6.99 Trinity Oaks Pinot Noir) wine than with a similarly value-priced sandwich from Hero House? (I do have to interject here that the veggie hero was disappointing, but I have to admit it’s kind of like sushi – I don’t have a right to complain that the vegetarian version is not as good as the real thing because that is the ENTIRE point.) Really, the best part of the Secrest picnic was spending time with good friends, and at the same time, feeling triumphant when I finally forced them to stop talking about video games. I’m looking forward to more sort-of-secret picnics before summer ends!


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