Lola Never Ceases to Amaze

When it came time to choose a Cleveland restaurant for a celebratory Christmas dinner, Lola was the obvious choice for the uninitiated. Certainly, there are plenty of fabulous area eateries that I have yet to try, but since Heath had never been, it was essential that we go. The day started out a bit on the rough side, as I had overindulged a bit the night before and wasn’t quite up for drinking wine with dinner. This seemed practically like the end of the world, but I figured we could remedy the situation by ordering bubbly instead. Thus, we chose the Schramsberg Brut Rose NV from Calistoga – it was lovely, although because of its fruitiness, perhaps not the wine to pair with rich, hearty food. Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. I prodded Heath to start his meal with the Beef Cheek Pierogis, which are mind-blowing. I had tried them during my first Lola experience, and because the memory was so positive, I decided it deserved to be an exception to my vegetarianism, and I sneaked a bite. I wanted to focus entirely on my entree, which was Gnocchi with Butternut Squash, Treviso, Hazelnuts, Mushrooms, and Ricotta Salata. It blew me away – so full of flavor, yet it wasn’t too heavy. I’m salivating just thinking of it… After Heath’s relatively large fish entree, neither of us was prepared to consume an entire dessert, so we wisely split a Coconut-Pecan Chocolate Cake with Spiced Coconut Sorbet. It tasted like a grown-up version of a Samoa Girl Scout cookie – although a million times better! I wish I could go back to Lola more often… but there are so many other places out there to try!!


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