Just Wow – 1997 Chateau Margaux


I’m not sure if I can adequately express what this experience was like, so I think “wow” will have to suffice. All in all, I’m a pretty simple girl. My MO is to find excellent wines at a fair price, and occasionally I allow myself to splurge, by which I mean spend $50 on a bottle. Grand Cru Burgundies, cult Napa Cabs, fine Piedmont wines… these are not part of my typical wine repertoire. Of course, when given the opportunity to drink like a queen, I jumped at it.
Initially, when my friend told me that The Melting Pot has some amazing high-end wines, I was skeptical. After all, who goes to a fondue place looking for Opus One? Clearly, I shouldn’t have judged the place so harshly. With some prompting from my friend, the bartender/wine guy let us into the temperature-controlled wine room, where it was pretty amusing to see big-name Napa Cabs next to $10 bottles of mass-produced wines. Ultimately, we settled on the 1997 Chateau Margaux, one of only five Premier Crus from Bordeaux. The wine drank beautifully – elegant, silky, unabashed cassis and berries, and no rough tannic edge. The bartender was clearly surprised that we weren’t celebrating anything, just popping in for a Premier Cru. He even rewarded us with some delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.
Although of course, I wouldn’t mind if I could experience such amazing bottles more often, but I’m afraid it would go to my head.:-)


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