Cameron Hughes Coup


When I first read about the Cameron Hughes Lot wine series, I became determined to find them. Like other American negociants, if you will, Hughes has capitalized on the recession by acquiring wine from high-end wineries that they are unable to sell at the regular price, rebranding the wine under generic lot numbers, and slashing the price. The origin of the wine is kept a secret. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to try wines that would otherwise be a splurge?
Unfortunately, Hughes was originally only available in Ohio at Costco, or by mail order. But recently, my boss realized that one of our distributors carries them, so we loaded up. Even though I hadn’t tried any of them yet, I began recommending them to customers, and they flew off the shelves with glowing feedback! I realized it was about time I snatch one for myself.
Being a Pinot fanatic, I opted for the 2009 Lot 203 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley, for the reasonable price of $18.99. While I had very high expectations, I wasn’t disappointed. The wine is elegant and refined, with gentle strawberry and raspberry aromas and flavors, with refreshing acidity. This is not an earthy, taste-the-terror type of Pinot, but its beauty is in its simplicity. Highly recommended!


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