I realize it’s a cliche for me to post to my blog on December 31, vowing to write more in the new year. It’s even is a cliche for me to make fun myself for being a cliche. But while this time of year shouldn’t be the only opportunity for self-reflection, it’s as good a time as any.
The simple act of moving back to Wooster has itself been responsible for a great deal of self-reflection. Perhaps because my life has slowed down a bit, I’ve recognized some aspects in myself that I didn’t realize were there before, both positive and negative. I’m hoping that in 2012, I can use that knowledge to achieve goals, as well as avoid making mistakes… some time and time again.
I also started a new job this year that has tested my skills in many ways. Selling wine, as silly as it may sound, is both the most fun and the hardest job I’ve ever had. Certainly promoting wines that I love is enjoyable… but trying to convince a land of California wine lovers that they should open their palates to indecipherable French labels is a bit more difficult. Realizing that I have faced few true challenges in my life is humbling, and to think that I would give up on this job just because it’s difficult borders on embarrassing. I sell an amazing product, my coworkers are supportive and whip-smart, and my customers (for the most part) are a pleasure to work with and in several cases have even become my friends. I’m looking forward to proving that I can be successful in a difficult, competitive market.
I can say with 100% conviction that every year of my life has been better than the last. Growing older (or less young!) has meant getting to know myself better, improving my relationships with other people, pursuing activities that are meaningful to me, and in general, always learning how to have more fun. I’ve had my setbacks along the way, and I’m not always proud of of the decisions that I make. The best I can do is take responsibility for those lapses in judgment and understand why they happened.
Perhaps the most fundamental resolution I can make this year is to love people – including myself – for who they are, and not for who they aren’t. A very happy new year to all those loved ones! And of course… drink plenty of bubbly tonight! Cheers!


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